Some of our favourite pieces put together and shot out and about in Newcastle. Each look has links to the pieces shown in it. All photographed by Steven Landles and worn by Kahlil Malone.


Combining Ventile and one of the earliest camouflages, San Marco, for a rugged all-weather look made entirely in Japan.

Papa Nui Coral Cruiser Sunglasses worn with the Loop & Weft Pin Border Knit Sweatshirt and Papa Nui Army Denim Hat


Coral Cruisers from Papa Nui, inspired by US Navy issue sunglasses from the 60s and reimagined with modern materials, are paired with a sweat made from a vintage-inspired pin-border knit and a US Army Denim Hat.

The Gypsy & Sons Corduroy Jacket layered with a flannel from Seuvas and a Filson Watch Cap


Heavy corduroy layered with soft Japanese flannel. Three of our favourite Japanese brands are combined with a Papa Nui x Filson Watch Cap.

Seuvas Twill Check Work Shirt worn with the Papa Nui Devotion Cap and an Alberton Roll Top Backpack


A Twill Check Work Shirt from Seuvas layered with a Surfer Tee from Sunflower Brand and accessorised with Papa Nui and a rugged roll top from Alberton Japan.

Atoll Flyers Jacket by Papa Nui worn with the Hell Cat Cap, also by Papa Nui


Following on from last year’s frog skin version, the Atoll Flyers Jacket has a refined fit and comes in a USMC Olive Drab herringbone twill. It’s paired here with a Surfer Tee from Sunflower Brand, some denim and a cap from the latest Papa Nui collection.

The Alberton All Weather Mountain Parka with the Papa Nui Gunnery Range Hat


Alberton Japan collaborate with Gypsy & Sons to bring their all-weather cotton duck fabric to an outdoor jacket that will protect you from even the harshest conditions. Its paired here with a WWII-inspired hat from Papa Nui and some heavy denim from The Strike Gold

The Gypsy & Sons Cheer Half-Zip Jersey with the Papa Nui x AWMS Armstrong Cap


Inspired by the iconic photo of Neil Armstrong lighting a cigar whilst preparing for the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, the Papa Nui x AWMS Armstrong Cap is paired here with a half-zip sweat that takes it’s influences from the 1932 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

Seuvas Takeyari Jacket and Pants, with a Seuvas Flannel Shirt


Seuvas are a Japanese brand dedicated to working with canvas, using fabric produced at a facility that has been in continuous operation for over 130 years. On top of their raw and dyed canvas pieces , they also make some of the finest flannel shirts we’ve had our hands on.