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The most iconic style of sunglasses from a heritage style perspective are the aviator, which have a history that traces back to the 1930s. The iconic design was originally developed by Bausch & Lomb, an American optics company, in response to the needs of military pilots. In 1936, the U.S. military commissioned Bausch & Lomb to create sunglasses that would provide effective eye protection for aviators while ensuring a stylish and functional design. The resulting product, known as “Ray-Ban Aviators,” featured a distinctive teardrop shape and dark, tinted lenses.

These sunglasses quickly became a symbol of military aviation, offering protection from harsh sunlight and reducing glare at high altitudes. The anti-glare properties of aviator sunglasses made them an essential accessory for pilots during World War II, solidifying their association with military aviators. Post-war, aviator sunglasses gained popularity among civilians, partly due to their use by military heroes and Hollywood stars. Iconic figures like General Douglas MacArthur and actor Gregory Peck were often seen sporting aviator sunglasses, contributing to their widespread appeal.