Our collection of scarves are the perfect pieces to accompany a heavy jacket and watch cap in the cold months. Knitted in Japan using pure wool, these pieces are manufactured using a combination of vintage machines and the skill of craftspeople in small workshops. Read more

Perhaps the most iconic scarves in heritage style are those created during the “Knit Your Bit” campaign. Initiated by the American Red Cross during World War I and later revived during World War II, it played a crucial role in mobilising civilian support for the troops. As part of this effort, scarves became symbolic items that embodied the collective effort of American citizens to contribute to the war cause.

During both wars, the Red Cross encouraged individuals to knit scarves, socks, and other items for soldiers serving overseas. These handmade items were not only practical but also carried a deep emotional significance, providing a tangible connection between those on the home front and those on the front lines. The campaign not only supplied soldiers with much-needed warm clothing but also fostered a sense of community and patriotism among civilians.

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