The collection at Those That Know is made up of our favourite small, independent brands from Japan and around the world. Each brand is one whose products we’ve worn or used ourselves long before having the opportunity to offer them to our customers. Everything we offer has a story to tell and has been made to the highest standards of quality and ethics, from start to finish.

Alberton Japan logo

Alberton Japan

Reviving an early 20th century Baltimore brand to produce clothing and accessories made from US Army Duck Cotton.

AVANT Magazine logo

AVANT Magazine

A collection of vintage clothing anthologies founded and compiled by revered collector Eric Maggiori.

Darte logo


A small brand from East London that combines decades of experience to tell stories through its clothes.

Gypsy & Sons logo

Gypsy & Sons

Japanese made clothing combining function with heritage style to create clothes for modern life

Lightning Clutch logo

Lightning Magazine

Japan’s finest heritage and counterculture publications, with titles including Lightning Archives, Clutch Magazine, and Men’s File

Loop & Weft logo

Loop & Weft

Since 2011, producing the finest knitted and cut-and-sewn cotton goods in Japan in the shadows of Mt. Fuji.

Milestone Basement logo

Milestone Basement

A Japanese denim brand that looks to the future, rather than the past, with an aim to redefine the true value of jeans

One Ear Brand logo

One Ear Brand

Selvedge bandannas based on timeless 1800s models, with original artwork and a contemporary twist.

Papa Nui Cap Co. logo

Papa Nui

Vintage military, utility and surf-influenced caps, hats and more, made in Japan by John Lofgren & Co.

PRAS logo


Japanese-made footwear based on mid-century US Navy athletic shoes, with vulcanised rubber soles.

Red Rabbit Trading Co. logo

Red Rabbit Trading Co.

One-of-a-kind sterling silver jewellery, charms and keepsakes that are designed to be cherished over a lifetime

Riding High Tokyo

Riding High Tokyo

Cut-and-sew pieces based on the “American Standard”, or the classic US casual and military sportswear of the 1950s and 60s.

RoToTo logo


Socks designed to be “lifelong consumables”, made with the combination of old and new manufacturing processes.

Seuvas logo


A brand that is dedicated to working with canvas and producing classic workwear-inspired pieces that they call “free-spirited clothes”.

Slightly Choppy logo

Slightly Choppy

Hand-made surf flags that honour surf culture’s past and present, and crafts artefacts for the future

Sunflower Label logo

Sunflower Label

A new brand from Osaka focussing on easy to wear unisex apparel made to the highest standards in Japan.

The Rite Stuff logo

The Rite Stuff

New takes on pre-World War II American workwear, with exceptional attention to detail and focus on quality and ethical production.

The Strike Gold logo

The Strike Gold

A family-owned Japanese brand who have dedicated the past decade to producing the world’s finest denim.

Two Ears Brand logo

The Two Ears Brand

Exacting replicas of original vintage bandannas from the late 1800s and early 1900s, made and hand-printed in Japan.