Sunflower Label

A new brand from Osaka, Sunflower Label focusses on producing easy to wear unisex apparel made to the highest standards in Japan. The line comes under Pine Mills Co., a highly experienced yarn spinning and dyeing company. Using their expertise, Sunflower Label create their own original fabrics and use swatches from various small mills across Japan. Products are dyed in-house and yarns are crafted in the brand’s showroom. Sunflower’s motto is “Fits Like a Hug” which, when you get your hands on their clothes, makes perfect sense. The brand’s aim is to produce affordable pieces that are comfortable and easy to care for, whilst making “Made in Japan” more accessible to a wider audience. Clothing that give its wearer an experience that resembles the classic Made in USA vintage pieces that are so collectable today, but made entirely in Japan. Available in Europe only at Those That Know.