As military operations became more mechanised and specialised in World War II, the M1936 Musette Bag emerged, offering a compact solution for carrying essential items while maintaining mobility. The mid-20th century saw a significant shift with the introduction of nylon, bringing forth lightweight and durable bags that enhanced the efficiency of military personnel. Read more

Simultaneously, the outdoor industry was making strides in bag design. The backpack, initially popularised by outdoor enthusiasts, gained widespread adoption. Outdoor brands became pioneers in creating durable, comfortable backpacks for civilian use, drawing inspiration from military designs.

The bags in our collection takes their inspiration from both these military and vintage outdoor wear pieces. Alberton Japan use their bespoke US Army Duck Cotton cloth, reproduced from an early 20th century fabric contracted by the US military, to create backpacks, totes and more. Red Rabbit Trading Co, and Papa Nui use a combination of vintage and new materials as a starting point for their reproduction of classic bags, such as the mid-century gym duffle bag and the iconic US Mail bag.