In the early 20th century, as factories and manual labor became integral to daily life, the need for durable and practical work clothing grew. Workwear pants, distinct from the denim-dominated realm of jeans, played a crucial role in this narrative. During this period, trousers crafted from heavy-duty fabrics like canvas and duck cloth became emblematic of the working class. The emphasis was on functionality, with reinforced seams and pockets designed to withstand the rigours of labor-intensive jobs. Read more

The Great Depression further influenced workwear styles, prompting a shift towards simplicity and practicality. As the century progressed, workwear pants continued to evolve. Workwear-specific brands emerged and contributed to the standardisation of working clothes, becoming a symbol of the blue-collar workforce. Workwear pants from the early 20th-century remain a testament to the intersection of style, function, and the industrial revolution.

Inspired by these timeless pieces, heritage style and reproduction brands from Japan began creating their own interpretations using painstakingly recreated fabrics and vintage machines imported from the USA. Focussing on quality and authenticity, these brands create life-long lasting workwear pants that will age beautifully and reflect the life of their wearer.