Caps & Hats

Our selection of caps and hats encompasses pieces created for all seasons influenced by vintage utility, military, and workwear styles. The collection is comprised entirely of pieces by Papa Nui Cap Co who, for us, produce the finest caps in the world. We stock the entire range each season, including specials and limited releases not available at any other retailer. Read more

What we love about the caps and hats we offer is the story behind each one and the lengths that John Tesoriero goes to during the design process. Far more than simply a cap, those below are the result of extensive research, refinement and access to an enviable vintage archive. Paying homage to mid-century military and utility headwear, Papa Nui takes cues from cultural references, literature, movies and the people who made these hats the iconic, sought-after pieces they are today.

The Papa’s ideas are then brought to life under the watchful eye of John Lofgren & Co. and each piece is made from start to finish in Japan, to the highest standard of both quality and ethics. They’re and finished with an internal Hino Maru patch and, to contribute to the strong narrative behind each cap and hat, often badges, postcards and patches.