The Two Ears Brand

The Two Ears Brand produces the highest quality selvedge bandannas based on original pieces from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Founded by Osaka-based designer, stylist and fashion archivist Jonathan Lukacek, each bandanna in the collection is made in Japan from bespoke, custom-milled fabrics.

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The label came about when Jonathan found a prototype of a late-1800s bandanna that never got made. He fantasised about creating a reproduction using the highest quality fabric and manufacturing processes available for almost a decade until finding a mill with the capability to accurately reproduce the original fabric.

A partnership with high-end denim brand Ooe Yofukuten formed The Two Ears brand, a play on the Japanese word for selvedge. Those That Know are excited to be one of the few retailers worldwide to carry what has been called “the Hermès of bandannas”. Because of the work and cost that goes into producing each bandanna, numbers are very limited.

Jonathan’s passion and obsession with vintage bandannas can be found in his writing on the Bandanna Almanac blog and on his Instagram account.

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