One Ear Brand

One Ear Brand produce selvedge bandannas based on timeless 1800s models, but with a contemporary twist. With its name being a nod to the famous artist with one ear (yes, that one), the brand began with an aim to make a beautiful lifestyle product with multiple uses. Taking influences from the cowboys and workers who wore bandannas in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, each bandanna features original artwork from Yurika Cherise Shikai, a Japanese-American artist based in Los Angeles. The result is something that is as much a piece of art as it is an item of clothing. The entire production takes place in Japan, in a way that is as close to the methods used in the 1800s as possible, all the way from creating the selvedge fabric to the hand-printing of the bandanna. The larger size of One Ear Brand bandannas makes them incredibly versatile; they can also be used as eco-bags, neck wraps, belts, halter tops, picnic cloths and more. We look forward to seeing the innovative ways our customers find to use these beautiful pieces.