Our collection of accessories has everything you need to add the finishing touches to a strong heritage style outfit. We have socks from RoToTo, a Japanese brand who create “lifelong consumables” with a combination of vintage knitting machines and modern technology, while leather goods, including belts and wallets, comes from family-owned brand The Strike Gold. Read more

Bags of various types and sizes come from Alberton Japan, Papa Nui and more, who take their inspiration from vintage workwear and military fabrics and patterns to produce heavy duty, long-lasting bags that will stand the test of time. Military patches are offered by Papa Nui, who create designs inspired by the Vietnam War era and are made, just like the originals, in Saigon.

Red Rabbit Trading Co. take care of our jewellery offering with sterling silver inspired by traditional Native American symbols and Fred-Harvey-era pieces. For the colder months, we have gloves, scarves and blankets. The accessories we offer are diverse, but running through them all is the care, passion and attention to detail of the skilled craftspeople who produce them. We hope you enjoy our collections.