The jewellery we offer comes from Red Rabbit Trading Co., who are inspired by the pieces from the Fred Harvey era. This period spanned from the late 19th to the mid-20th century, leaving a distinctive mark on Southwestern Native American jewellery. Fred Harvey, a visionary entrepreneur, played a pivotal role in popularising Native American art and culture, particularly through the promotion of handmade jewellery along the Santa Fe Railway. Read more

During this era, a unique style of jewelry emerged, characterised by intricate silverwork and vibrant gemstones. Native American artisans, often from the Navajo and Pueblo tribes, crafted pieces that reflected their cultural heritage while adapting to the tastes of the growing tourist market. Silver became a prominent medium, with artisans mastering techniques like stampwork, repoussé, and intricate stone settings. Turquoise, coral, and other semi-precious stones adorned bracelets, rings, necklaces, and concho belts, creating visually striking pieces.

The Fred Harvey era jewelry served as both a form of artistic expression and a means of economic empowerment for Native American communities. These pieces are now highly sought after by collectors for their historical significance and craftsmanship, embodying a time when cultural exchange and artistic collaboration flourished in the American Southwest.