In the 1930s, shorts became a casual and comfortable option for recreational activities and sports. This transition was driven by changing attitudes towards leisure and the desire for increased mobility. As sportswear evolved, so did the acceptance of shorts as a mainstream fashion choice. Read more

The military played a significant role in popularising shorts. During World War II, soldiers in tropical climates adopted shorts for their practicality and comfort. The British military, for example, introduced the “Bermuda” shorts as part of the uniform for soldiers stationed in tropical regions. The widespread use of shorts in military contexts contributed to their acceptance in civilian fashion.

During the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the U.S. military adopted shorts as part of the “jungle” or tropical uniform for troops stationed in hot and humid climates. The U.S. Army and Marine Corps, in particular, issued shorts as part of the tropical combat uniform. The military use of shorts during these wartime periods not only highlighted their functional benefits in specific environmental conditions but also played a role in shaping civilian perceptions of shorts as a versatile and comfortable garment. As soldiers returned home, the influence of military fashion contributed to the broader acceptance of shorts in everyday wear.

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