Alberton Japan

Alberton was a large-scale spinning company that existed in Baltimore, Maryland from the end of the 19th century to the early 20th. It was named after the founder’s son, Albert, who established duck cotton as the company’s main product. Duck cotton is known for its high density, warmth and water repellant properties. Because of this, the US government was a major customer, giving rise to the iconic US Army Duck, which was first used in World War I and is still used today. The great depression struck, Alberton was acquired and the name was lost to history until 2016 when the brand was resurrected in Japan. Using archival material and vintage pieces, the original US Army Duck has been painstakingly recreated using the exact same materials and processes as were used a century ago. Alberton Japan now offers a range of clothing and accessories created with this versatile, outdoor-focussed fabric for the modern market. Available exclusively outside of Japan at Those That Know.