Traditionally, Native American communities crafted blankets for warmth, often using natural materials like wool and incorporating intricate designs reflective of their tribes’ stories and traditions. These blankets were more than just functional; they held spiritual and symbolic meaning. Patterns and colors were carefully chosen to convey messages, celebrate ceremonies, or represent the connection between individuals and the natural world. As European settlers and traders arrived, the exchange of goods led to an evolution in blanket-making techniques, with the introduction of new materials and designs. Read more

The versatility and cultural significance of the camp blanket transcended time, influencing the blankets produced by companies like Pendleton Woollen Mills, which drew inspiration from these traditions. Pendleton, established in 1863, played a notable role in popularising camp blankets with intricate designs inspired by Native American motifs. The blankets became a bridge between tradition and modern outdoor culture, embodying the enduring legacy of Native American craftsmanship in the fabric of American heritage.

Both Alberton Japan and Red Rabbit Trading Co. produce their own individual takes on these traditional designed, using manufacturing processes and materials just like an original blanket. The result is blankets that will become a favourite of everyone in your home and will last a lifetime.