RoToTo Socks guide

RoToTo Socks – Our guide to the finest socks from Japan

At Those That Know we have one of the biggest selections of RoToTo socks around. We thought we’d put together a guide to the various styles available, along with a sizing help and information about the brands other products. We hope this will help you choose the perfect pair of these amazing Japanese socks for […]

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Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture

Loop & Weft interview: A conversation with Ryota Yamasaki

The Loop & Weft brand produce the finest cut & sew sweatshirts, hoodies and tees in Japan. Each season, creating completely bespoke fabrics and taking inspiration from classic workwear and military pieces, they create clothing that you’ll never want to take off. At Those That Know, we were the first European store to offer Loop […]

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John Wayne in the movie "The Green Berets" wearing camouflage

Camouflage Patterns: The TTK Guide

The roots of camouflage can be traced back to ancient civilisations where hunters and warriors employed rudimentary methods to blend into their environments. Yet, it wasn’t until the 20th century that camouflage took on new dimensions with the advent of modern warfare. The trenches of World War I witnessed the birth of disruptive patterns, a […]

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Milestone Basement interview

Milestone Basement interview: a conversation with Yuki Nagaoka

Japanese denim brand Milestone Basement is a new addition to our tightly curated roster at Those That Know. We’re the first store to offer the products made by this amazing brand outside of Japan, so we spent some time chatting to owner Yuki Nagaoka about looking forward rather than backwards, Zen and Japanese hip hop. […]

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Modern Boys and Modern Girls

Japanese Americana: Japan’s Take on American Style

In the next in our series of in-depth articles relating our products and brands, we’re going to get into detail about why Japanese Americana and the ‘made in Japan’ label has become such a recognisable mark of quality in heritage clothing. These days Japanese brands are synonymous with the production of period-correct reproductions of vintage […]

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Dorothea Lange's Faces of the Dust Bowl, 1930s

Chambray Work Shirts: The TTK Guide

With the arrival of the new Heracles chambray shirt from The Rite Stuff, we thought it was a good opportunity to get in depth about the history of one of our products again. The last time we did this, we went into detail about loopwheel t-shirts, so this time, here’s the Those That Know guide […]

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The Rite Stuff Heracles Shirt in ecru

The Rite Stuff Interview – A Conversation with Bryan Shettig

Following on from our interview with The Papa, John Tesoriero towards the end of last year, we wanted to get in-depth with another of our brands, The Rite Stuff, and talk to its owner, Bryan Shettig. In our interview we get into detail about influences, his design and manufacturing process, the loopwheel t-shirts we currently […]

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The manufacturer of loopwheel t-shirts by Kanekichi Industries

Loopwheel T-shirts: The TTK Guide

Loopwheel t-shirts are the absolute best quality t-shirts available. As we’ve added The Rite Stuff to our list of brands and their pocket t-shirts to our catalogue, we thought it would be useful to write a piece explaining what loopwheel knitting is, why it produces cloth of such high quality and what this means for […]

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