Military Patches

Military patches played a significant role in conveying unit identity, achievements, and camaraderie among servicemen. In WWII, patches served practical purposes, helping soldiers quickly identify units and fostering a sense of pride and belonging. Units like the 101st Airborne Division and the 1st Infantry Division, for example, became iconic through their distinctive patches. Read more

In Vietnam, patches continued to be a vital part of military culture. Soldiers adorned their uniforms with patches that represented their specific roles, from infantry and artillery to aviation and special forces. The designs often incorporated symbols, mottos, and vivid imagery that reflected the unit’s history or mission. These patches not only served as visual identifiers but also became powerful symbols of esprit de corps. They were a source of morale, reinforcing the bonds among soldiers who shared common experiences.

Papa Nui has created its own set of patches that take military influences from the Vietnam-era and adding a twist of humour. These patches are hand made in Saigon by Mama San and are as close to an original as you’re likely to find anywhere. They’re the perfect way to customise your Papa Nui cap or military jacket and we love seeing the combinations our customers come up with.