Atoll Rocket Riders Collection Launch

Chris wearing the Papa Nui Apollo Cap

Atoll Rocket Riders is the Summer 2019 collection from Papa Nui Cap Co.

1969-2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo space program and Gemini space program and the collection pays tribute to the pioneers of space travel and supersonic flight.

The Atoll Rocket Riders collection takes two separate themes and delivers four caps that each have all the attention to detail and quality you’ve come to expect from the Papa.

The Yeager Cap and The Superfort Cap take their influences from Chuck Yeager and his mission to break the sound barrier in his X-1 rocket plane.

In peacetime after the Second World War, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress was converted to carry Yeager’s craft and the crew continued to wear the A-3 caps they have worn during combat. The Superfort Cap takes this ubiquitous crew favourite and rebuilds it like never before.

The Yeager Cap pays tribute to the original Rocket Ace himself and takes its cues from the bright orange colour scheme of his X-1 plane.

Heading further out into the stratosphere, The Mercury Cap and The Apollo Cap take their influences from the Apollo program.

The Mercury Cap takes its colour the distinctive NASA blue that was used at the time of the Apollo programme. A lightweight piece, this cap is influenced by those worn by crews during warm weather training.

Finally, The Apollo Cap. The centrepiece of the Atoll Rocket Riders collection. It is the official cap of the USS Papa Nui and its crew, all of who were involved in the recovery of capsules after earth re-entry.

When the hatches were opened, each astronaut was presented with a commemorative Apollo Cap of their own. For the first time the Papa brings a replica of this cap to a wider audience.

The Papa Nui Cap Co. Atoll Rocket Riders Collection is available to buy now on Those That Know.

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