Naval Caps from Papa Nui

Naval Caps from Papa Nui

Forming a key part of the military side of the brand, the naval caps produced by Papa Nui are some of our favourite models.

Referencing and taking influence from US Navy caps from the period around World War 2 in particular, the Papa sources exceptional fabrics and utilises the highest quality construction to produce caps that will protect their wearers from the strongest winds and harshest seas.

Two Papa Nui models inspired by US Navy caps have been unloaded from the cargo and are available now at Those That Know.

Watch Cap, General Issue

Sailors in the US Navy could find themselves deployed to any part of the world at any time of the year. They were given a range of clothing that prepared them for every eventuality and the Watch Cap formed part of their kit for operations in cold weather.

The Watch Cap was given its name by sailors because many of them wore it on deck while performing their watch, a testament to the warmth and protection it gives.

The caps of the 1930s and 1940s were superior to the caps made after this time and their modern day equivalents because of the more dense worsted wool used in their construction. The Watch Caps worn around the time of World War 2 have become the most sought after variation and the most iconic model of all, the General Issue, was chosen by the Papa to recreate.

100% wool cap from Papa Nui worn with a Lee denim jacket

The Papa Nui Watch Cap is a recreation of the General Issue model that was made between 1942-43 and comes with an accurate original US Navy contract number tag.

It is made in Japan by John Lofgren & Co. and knitted in Japan’s highest quality knitwear factory from 100% pure wool.

Bird Farm Cap

The Papa Nui Bird Farm Cap takes its names from the nickname that US Navy sailors gave to their aircraft carriers. It takes inspiration from and is loosely based on the original Naval Deck Cap, but takes things to an entirely new level.

A winter cap in every sense of the word, the Bird Farm comes in a navy blue Jungle Cloth fabric. Jungle Cloth, also known as Whipcord, is a water-repellant version of Bedford Cord fabric known for its extremely tight weave and subtle corduroy-like edges.

Chris wearing a USN Naval Cap influenced model

Chris wearing a USN Deck Cap influenced model

The tight weave results in a fabric that keeps the cold and water out, whilst keeping the warmth in. It is perhaps most well known for its use in the iconic N-1 Deck Jacket, where it was paired with a thick Alpaca Wool lining to create a jacket that could withstand the harshest of environments. The N-1 was issued as part of a three-piece suit, along with trousers and a helmet, that sailors would wear in extreme cold weather.

The Bird Farm Cap follows this tried and tested formula and is lined with a luxurious 100% pure wool that will keep the wearer warm during the depths of winter.

Naval Caps at Those That Know

Both the Watch Cap, General Issue and the Bird Farm Cap are in stock and available to buy online now.

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