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Papa Nui Watch Cap


The Watch Cap is an exacting recreation of the General Issue model that was made between 1943-1944, using the original USN contract number. 100% pure wool in a medium weight, hand made by Japan’s finest knitwear manufacturer.

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The Papa Nui Watch Cap is the result of the Papa reaching back into his historical vaults and recreating the most exacting wool naval cap, the General Issue. Working with the finest knitwear manufacturer in Japan, the Papa produces this 100% pure wool cap using the original US Navy knit batch contract number NXSX-38058 from September 1943 through to January 1944.

The finest example of the type we’ve laid our hands on, the Papa’s interpretation has the attention to detail and exceptional quality you have come to expect from all Papa Nui caps.

Its rugged and warm features will hold you through the darkest night and through winds as direful as any that lash the salted seas.

Key Features of the Papa Nui Watch Cap

  • Knitted in Japan
  • Replica of 1943/44 General Issue Watch Cap
  • Original US Navy knit batch contract number patch
  • 100% pure wool
  • One size

One size


100% pure wool






Papa Nui


As the General Issue Watch Cap is made from 100% pure wool we recommend avoiding machine washing. Do not tumble dry.

If necessary, have your watch cap professionally cleaned at your local dry cleaning facility.


Sizes Medium (57-58cm) and Large (59-60cm).

To find out more about how to measure your head to get the sizing of your cap perfect, see this detailed post about Papa Nui sizing. Need more information on how to fine tune the sizing of your Papa Nui cap? Our sizing page also contains information about how to stretch or shrink your cap.

Before attempting to stretch or shrink your cap, please see the Care section to see if this is possible with your model.