Loop & Weft

Loop & Weft is a Japanese brand known for producing the finest knitted and cut-and-sewn cotton goods around. The label was founded in 2011 by Ryota Seguchi, who had spent the previous decade working in the denim industry for one of Japan’s leading denim manufacturers. Ryota’s goal was to produce honestly-crafted pieces made from the best materials to the very highest standards using custom-made original fabrics and traditional manufacturing methods.

The brand is based in Yamanashi Prefecture, a location in the shadow of Mount Fuji that is known for its natural beauty and for being an inspiring artistic setting for creative people. The area also has a historically significant garment manufacturing industry that is particularly known for cut-and-sewn cotton clothing. Loop & Weft aim to continue these strong traditions and contribute to the history of the area by creating beautiful, life-long lasting pieces that will fast become the prized possessions of their owners.

Working with a carefully selected group of shokunin (artisans) from a range of small factories and workshops across Japan, each piece in the collection is manufactured by skilled craftsmen and women who have dedicated their lives to their art. The fabrics used are all original and produced specially for Loop & Weft, resulting in clothes that warm your body as they warm your soul.

Loop & Weft is coming soon to Those That Know. We’re proud to be the first and only European stockist of this amazing brand. If you’d like to know more about the collection or would like to place a pre-order, please contact us on sales@thosethatknow.co.uk.

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