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Tones in My Bones Fort Knox T-Shirt

With their love of all things Americana from the 40s and 50s, Tones in My Bones painstakingly recreate vintage t-shirt styles. The Fort Knox T-Shirt is made from a super-soft grey marl cotton mix fabric with a flocked print.

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The Tones in My Bones Fort Knox T-Shirt pays homage to perhaps the most famous of all US Army Posts. Situated south of Louisville, Kentucky, Fort Knox is known for its depository which was built in 1936 and holds most of America’s gold bullion in its vaults.

Each Tones in My Bones model is influenced by an original vintage design from the 40s or 50s, often from flea market finds. They are they redrawn by hand before being printed in small batch limited edition runs. Every single t-shirt is printed individually by hand and this really comes across in the quality.

The Fort Knox T-Shirt is printed using flocking, a printing technique in which short fibres of cotton, or more historically accurate, rayon, are applied to an adhesive coated template. The result is a raised print with a velvet or suede-like texture.

Tones in My Bones t-shirts are lightweight with a soft handle that makes them a pleasure to wear. They’re made from a beautifully soft cotton mix fabric, responsibly sourced from ethical producers. T-shirts are regular fitting so we’d recommend selecting your usual size. There’s plenty of give in the fabric so a close or loose fit is possible, depending on your preference. They’ve been washed once so there will be no, or minimal, further shrinkage. For more information on fit and to view size charts, see the ‘Sizing’ tab.

Key Features of the Tones in My Bones Fort Knox T-Shirt

  • Reproduction of a vintage style
  • Made from a cotton mix fabric, responsibly sourced from ethical producers
  • Flocked US Army print
  • Regular fit
  • Sizes small, medium and large available
  • Made in the USA

Small, Medium, Large


Cotton Mix (50% Cotton, 50% Polyester), Flocking




Made in Peru, printed in USA


Tones in My Bones t-shirts are designed to be worn hard and can be machine washed on a 30 degree cycle. We recommend turning the t-shirt inside out for washing as this will help keep the flocked print looking its best.

Hang to dry and do not tumble dry as shrinking may occur and excessive heat may damage the print.


Sizes Medium (57-58cm) and Large (59-60cm).

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