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Papa Nui Yeager Cap

The Yeager Cap is the Papa’s tribute to the original Rocket Ace, Chuck Yeager, and takes cues from his historic supersonic flight. Constructed from 100% cotton in Bell X-1 Rocket Plane Orange with a felt Olive Drab anti-glare under visor.

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The Papa Nui Yeager Cap is the Papa’s tribute to the original Rocket Ace, Chuck Yeager, who punched a hole in the sky in his Bell X-1 Rocket plane, breaking the sound barrier in 1947.

Part of the Atoll Rocket Riders collection, the bright cotton takes cues from Yeager’s supersonic flight in that magnificent orange plane. The brim of the Yeager Cap is made with felt making it sturdy but still soft, so it can be worn down or flipped up. Flexible enough to fold and keep tucked in your back pocket – it wont break!

Key Features of the Papa Nui Yeager Cap

  • Designed in the South Pacific
  • Made in Japan at the John Lofgren & Co factory.
  • Made of 100% Bell X-1 Rocket Plane Orange cotton
  • Anti-glare Billiard Green under-visor to calm the fierce summer Sun
  • Military grade Olive drab Herringbone Twill inside panel facing
  • Herringbone Twill cotton sweatband
  • Hino Maru internal country of origin patch
  • Sizes Medium (57-58cm) and Large (59-60cm)
  • Machine washable
  • Cold wash/soak to shape or stretch, hot wash/soak and tumble dry to shrink

Medium, Large


100% Bell X-1 rocket plane orange cotton, billiard green cotton, olive drab Herringbone Twill






Atoll Rocket Riders


Where necessary, we recommend machine washing your Yeager Cap on a cold cycle and line drying.

If you’re happy with the sizing of your Yeager Cap, avoid tumble drying as this may result in slight shrinkage.


Sizes Medium (57-58cm) and Large (59-60cm).

To find out more about how to measure your head to get the sizing of your cap perfect, see this detailed post about Papa Nui sizing. Need more information on how to fine tune the sizing of your Papa Nui cap? Our sizing page also contains information about how to stretch or shrink your cap.

Before attempting to stretch or shrink your cap, please see the Care section to see if this is possible with your model.