The Putpet brand is the invention of a Japanese artist who creates one-of-a-kind dolls from pieces of recycled clothing, a practice that came into being due to Kenzi Otani’s work in the second-hand clothing industry. The Putpet dolls we offer are made in collaboration with One Ear Brand. The dolls take their inspiration from themes that Jonathan Lukacek explores in his artisan bandannas, including cacti, psychedelics and UFOs. The fabric used in their creation comes directly from the factory in which One Ear Brand bandannas are made, meaning that nothing, not even the smallest scrap, is wasted during the manufacturing process. Putpet dolls are loads of fun, look great on display and make use of fabrics that would, in the hands of less creative minds, have gone to waste. Because of the nature of the products, each piece is unique and contains fabrics from multiple bandannas. They’re available in very limited numbers and are made entirely in Japan.