Bridle Leather

Bridle leather is so-called because of the methods used during the tanning and finishing process. The unique properties of Bridle Leather are created by skilled leatherworkers by stuffing both the flesh and grain sides of the leather with grease and oils.

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The extra work means that creating this type of leather is a long, labour-intensive process. Because of this, only the best hides are used in its creation. It wouldn’t make sense from an economic point of view of use substandard, cheaper hides.

The result is a leather that looks incredible and develops a beautiful patina over time as it acquires the character of its wearer. It is durable but smooth, strong but comfortable. The Bridle Leather products we sell at Those That Know were vegetable tanned in Chesterfield, UK, before being waxed with organic beeswax.

Our leather products are made by Faler, who use traditional leatherworking techniques to cut and finish each item by hand. The result is a piece of exceptional quality that will last a lifetime and look better with age.