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Tones in My Bones T-shirts

Tones in My Bones t-shirts are influenced by Americana from the 1940s and 50s. Taking classic pieces and vintage flea market finds, prints are painstakingly recreated and reproduced, resulting in an authentic remake of the original piece ready to be worn hard. Your new favourite t-shirt.

The brand was started by a husband and wife partnership from Phoenix, Arizona who live and breathe vintage clothing and classic American post-war style. Taking cues from both military and civilian souvenir pieces, Tones in My Bones t-shirts are individually printed by hand using the highest quality materials and techniques.

The t-shirts themselves are constructed from a tri-blend fabric, consisting of cotton, rayon and polyester. This is correct for the period and results in a super-soft fabric that you’ll never want to take off. The tri-blend fabric also means that the t-shirts have plenty of stretch in them and can be worn either with a loose fit or a more trim fit depending on your preference.

The give in the fabric means that the t-shirts can be stretched and pulled during wear but after washing will regain their original shape.

Tones in My Bones t-shirts are printed using flock printing or with water-based inks. For the flocked models, a raised, velvet like finish is achieved by layering short fibres of cotton to an adhesive surface. The result is a bold print that won’t fade over time.

The water-based ink prints will fade beautifully and with regular wear the t-shirt will quickly develop a vintage look.

Those That Know are the only store in Europe to offer Tones in My Bones t-shirts and amongst the range we have available are models exclusive to us. These t-shirts are designed to be worn hard. Wear them out, wear them in, even wear them for bed. The more life they see the better they will look.

Tones in My Bones is available to buy now. Numbers are limited so head over to the brand page to get yours.