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Papa Nui Watch Cap

Coming from the South Pacific, Papa Nui caps are inspired in equal measure by utility, surfing and military. The man behind the brand is John Tesoriero and the products he designs reflect his heritage and influences.

The Papa doesn’t make reproductions nor is it a re-enactment brand. Instead each design is based around a specific need, which then takes cues from military and vintage pieces.

Papa Nui isn’t about convention, it’s about celebrating the uniqueness of the individual. It is a brand, a place and a state of mind.

Each piece in the collection has been developed and tested over a period of time in the South Pacific before being manufactured in Japan at the John Lofgren & Co. factory from the finest materials.

Each Papa Nui Cap Tells a Story

The level of detail and the quality of construction in every piece is truly second to none. Without doubt the best caps on the market.

Every cap has a back story and this story influences the style, materials and colours of the piece. Whether helping Ernest Hemingway chase U-Boats in the Gulf Stream or paying homage to Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier for the first time, every cap has a character all of its own.

We at Those That Know have been wearing Papa Nui caps for several years and have amassed quite a collection. We can vouch for the ruggedness, longevity and the exceptional quality of each piece.

We’re proud to work closely with the Papa to bring you one of the most extensive selections of Papa Nui caps anywhere on the web. Many of the pieces we have in stock are no longer available anywhere else.

Come and join the Papa’s Battalion. Help back the attack and blaze a path to sartorial victory!

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