Handmade Leather Goods from Faler Leathers

Handmade leather goods from Faler Leathers

From their workshop in Dayton, Ohio, Faler Leathers create beautiful handmade leather goods using traditional leather working processes.

We first became aware of Faler several years ago and found ourselves captivated by their dedication to the art of leathercraft. Since then, Faler have developed their craft even further by travelling across their native USA and meeting fellow leatherworkers, exchanging knowledge and learning the history of their art.

The first drop at Those That Know focusses around variations of Faler products that we’ve been using ourselves since originally discovering their work; bracelets and wallets.

Faler Bracelets

Faler Leathers bracelets come in a beautiful russet English Birdle Leather that was tanned in Chesterfield. It was hand cut and finished in the Faler workshop using time-honoured techniques. Bridle Leather is used because of its unique properties that comes from the labour-intensive process involved in its manufactured.

Both the grain and the flesh sides of the leather are stuffed with grease and oils, giving a leather that is soft and supple but strong and durable. Over time it will develop a characterful patina that reflects its use and the life of its owner. With wear, Bridle Leather will age beautifully and darken in colour.

The edges are waxed with organic beeswax that is sourced close to their Ohio workshop and finished with a solid brass closure stuf.

Bracelets are available in both single and double wrap and are the perfect accessory to any outfit, going particularly well with denim.

Faler Two Pocket Wallets

Faler Two Pocket Wallets are compact, foldable card holders that come in a selection of two exceptional leathers and four distinct colours. As with all Faler products, they are hand cut and finished in the USA by skilled leather workers using traditional tools and processes.

The leathers used in the wallets are Horween Chromexcel and Latigo. Both are known for their appearance, handle and durability.

Horween Chromexcel leather has been around since the early 1900s and was formulated by the Horween company in Chicago. Its manufacture is an incredible involved process, with over 89 steps and 28 days involved in its production.

Latigo Leather, known for its darker shades, is defined by the oiling and waxing that takes place after the tanning and dying process is complete. Its name comes from the Spanish for “whip” and reflects the leather’s use in saddlery. The strong but comfortable properties that make Latigo suitable for saddlery make it the perfect choice for personal leather goods.

Faler Two Pocket Wallets come in Chestnut and Tan (Horween Chromexcel) and Burgundy and Black (Latigo). Each wallet is hand-stitched with a contrast waxed linen thread that was made in France, before being finished with organic beeswax.

Handmade Leather Goods at Those That Know

Our latest drop from Faler Leathers will be online soon. If you have any questions about the products, would like to place a pre-order or would like to know more about the Faler brand, get in touch with us at [email protected].