10% Discount on All Orders

Chris wearing a USN Deck Cap influenced model

To celebrate the launch of the new Those That Know website we’re offering 10% discount on all orders until Saturday 17th August.

With the recent arrival of the Papa Nui Atoll Rocket Riders collection, alongside restocks of some of our favourite models, it’s a great time to start or add to your Papa Nui collection.

The Atoll Rocket Riders collection was conceived to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo and Gemini space programs and pays tribute to the early pioneers of the skies and space.

Comprising of four models, the Atoll Rocket Riders collection includes caps influenced by the Apollo missions, Chuck Yeager, NASA and the crews of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress.

We’ve also received a large restock of some of our favourite models meaning that we carry the largest selection of Papa Nui products available online in Europe, if not anywhere. The 10% discount is valid for all restocks.

Highlights include a personal favourite, The Bird Farm Cap, which is the Papa’s reworking of the classic USN Naval Deck Cap. It comes in Navy Jungle Cloth and is lined in 100% pure wool meaning that it’s ready for the coming winter months.

We’ve secured a small number of Beach Master Hats, which have sold out pretty much everywhere. The Papa’s interpretation of the classic GI issue Daisy Mae hat, this version comes in a beautiful Japanese-milled Frogskin Camo, with the Jungle side out, Beach side in.

Back to preparing for the colder months ahead, we also have the Watch Cap, which is the finest example of the type we’ve laid our hands on. Knitted at one of Japan’s best knitwear manufacturers, it comes with a historically accurate USN contract number that was used between 1943-1944.

There’s plenty of other styles back in stock too so wherever your upcoming manoeuvres are, we’ve got you covered.

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