Capsule Recovery in the South Pacific

Capsule recovery of the Gemini X mission

In the early days of space exploration the US Navy played a big part in the process of getting astronauts and their spacecraft home safely. Beginning in 1961 with the recovery of the first American in space, Alan Shepherd, capsule recovery was done by many ships and crews until 1975.

Landings were rough. The water helped cushion the impact but splashdowns in the ocean were still one of the most dangerous parts of the entire mission. The crews of US Navy recovery ships were on hand to make sure the task of capsule recovery was completed as quickly and as safely as possible and that the returning astronauts were on the deck of the ship as soon as possible after the capsule doors were open. Once the astronauts were safely aboard the spacecraft was hoisted onto the ship and taken back to land.

Gemini Crew Welcomed by Wasp Crew

Gemini 9 Crew Waves to the Wasp during capsule recovery

One such recovery ship was the USS Papa Nui. Operating in the South Pacific during the time of the Apollo and Gemini programmes, the crew were instrumental in the final phase of many missions.

Capsule Recovery and the Apollo Cap

The Apollo Cap was the official cap of the USS Papa Nui and was worn by crew on deck to protect them from the harsh South Pacific sun. On capsule recovery missions, returning astronauts were handed an Apollo Cap of their own when the hatch doors opened.

Gemini 10 spacecraft at splashdown

Prime crew for the Gemini V space flight, astronauts Charles Conrad Jr., (in water) and L. Gordon Cooper Jr., (in raft) practice survival techniques

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