Tones in My Bones

From Phoenix, Arizona, Tones in My Bones create vintage military and souvenir printed t-shirts with a nod to 1940s and 50s Americana. Sourcing their inspiration from flea market finds, prints are then lovingly and painstakingly reproduced using water-based inks or flocking to create a t-shirt that embodies the character and longevity of the original piece.

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Recycled cotton t-shirts, sourced from ethical producers in Haiti are used as the base for each piece. The t-shirts are lightweight and have a superbly soft handle that makes them a pleasure to wear. The fit of the t-shirts is classically 1950s, adding to the authenticity of the package. Designed to be worn hard until they’re falling to bits, they’re sure to become your favourite t-shirt.

Each Tones in My Bones print is done individually, by hand, in Phoenix. A combination of water-based inks and flocking is used to recreate the designs, depending on the model. The water-based inks fade beautifully with wear and washing, meaning the t-shirt will quickly develop a vintage look.

Things are taken to another level in the flocked models. Flocking is a printing process in which short fibers of cotton are applied to an adhesive-coated surface. The result is a bold, raised print with a velvet-like handle.

We’ve been wearing Tones in My Bones t-shirts for years and always come back to them. The range we’re offering on our website includes styles and colours exclusive to Those That Know. Each piece is part of a limited one-time run and once they’re gone, they’re gone.